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Harvey Newstrom is a pioneer in the development of a unified cyber security framework.
  • He authored the first federal security architecture that combined INFOSEC, TCSEC, DCID, ISO, and NIST criteria into a single unified security framework to protect both classified and unclassified data.
  • His security architecture was cited by OMB auditors as “the best” of any agency.
  • His work was requisitioned by Dr. Ron Ross for inclusion into NIST SP 800-53 and 800-53A standards to protect all unclassified federal data.
  • These standards were later approved by the Joint Task Force to protect all DoD, Intelligence Community, and National Security classified data as well.
  • These standards are now required for civilian cloud services, telecommunications, and critical infrastructure.
Virtually all agencies and corporations are now legally mandated to implement these standards. Harvey Newstrom’s insider knowledge, unique career, and interdisciplinary skills will prove invaluable to any organization implementing the NIST-based Risk Management Framework (RMF) standards. His government clients include the CIA, NSA, DNI, DHS, NRO, Pentagon, DoD, and a dozen other federal agencies. His industry clients include Apple, AT&T, J.P.Morgan, Bank of America, IBM, AllState, Staples, Lear, Comp. Sci. Corp, and other Fortune 500 corporations. He has lead consulting teams for Harris, Newstaff, IBM, AT&T, Advantis, Fiderus, Deloitte, Cisco, SAIC, Leidos, Mandiant, and other firms

Harvey Newstrom is a researcher, lecturer, author, developer, consultant, and professional in the area of technical assurance. This includes security, auditing, management, investigation, assessment, administration, architecture, and governance of technology. He is a promoter of safe technology for the future. He specializes in figuring out how things work and how to make them work right. He challenges assumptions and reveals when things aren't as they seem. He believes this to be the key to any investigation, development, or research. Mr. Newstrom holds degrees in Business and Computer Science, along with many certifications relating to technical assurance.


Newstaff Principal Security Consultant.

Harvey Newstrom co-founded Newstaff, Inc. in 1995. Newstaff is a full-service information security consulting firm with extensive experience using industry standards and best practices for government agencies, military projects, Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, non-profit organizations and technology companies. Newstaff Inc. complies with industry best practices and professinal guidelines.


Nutrients Catalog.

Harvey Newstrom is the author of the Nutrients Catalog reference book. It documents over two dozen vitamins, three dozen minerals, two dozen amino acids, and a half-dozen macronutrients that are required for proper human nutrition.

Linux Security Cookbook.

Harvey Newstrom is mentioned in the Linux Security Cookbook for suggestions that were incorporated into the book. The book is from O'Reilly and Associates, and is by Daniel J. Barrett, Richard Silverman, Mike Loukides (Editor), and Robert G. Byrnes. (2003-6-1) More...

Proud to be the First Founding Sponsor

of the Central Florida Chapter of Information Systems Security Association. (2002-7-1, Orlando, Florida.)

Harvey Newstrom appeared on page 19 of Password, the ISSA Journal, along with other proud founding members of the ISSA Central Florida Chapter. Harvey is the one in front on the right, next to the chapter president. (2003-3-23)

At one of the early meetings, Harvey Newstrom described how Corporate America had surpassed hackers in the Internet spy game. At the time, the idea that legitimate corporations would spy on their own customers was considered controversial. (2002-8-5, Cape Canaveral, Florida.) More...

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