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British Standard 7799 System Development Control

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Security Information
Security Criteria

BS 7799

Security Policy
Security Organization
Assets Control
Personnel Security
Physical Security
Computer, Network
Access Control
Development Controls
Continuity Planning
Compliance, Auditing
  • To ensure security is built into operational systems
  • To prevent loss, modification or misuse of user data in application systems
  • To protect the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of information
  • To ensure IT projects and support activities are conducted in a secure manner
  • To maintain the security of application system software and data
    • Security in application systems should include:

      • data input validation
      • control of internal processing including definition of areas of risk and checks and controls
      • message authentication
      • output data validation

      Cryptographic controls should include:

      • appropriate policy
      • appropriate encryption techniques
      • appropriate digital signature techniques
      • non-repudiation services
      • key management
      • protection of keys
      • standards, procedures and methods

      Security of system files should include:

      • control of operational software
      • control of access to program source code library

      Security in development and support must have in place:

      • change control procedures
      • a technical review of operating system changes
      • restrictions on changes to software packages
      • control over outsourced software development

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