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British Standard 7799 Physical and Environmental Security

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Security Information
Security Criteria

BS 7799

Security Policy
Security Organization
Assets Control
Personnel Security
Physical Security
Computer, Network
Access Control
Development Controls
Continuity Planning
Compliance, Auditing
  • To prevent unauthorized access, damage and interference to business premises and information
  • To prevent loss, damage or compromise of assets and interruption to business activities
  • To prevent compromise or theft of information and information processing facilities
    • Secure areas must exist in order to protect assets from damage, access or interference and should:

      • apply in order to protect critical information
      • align security costs with the commensurate risk
      • include a defined security perimeter and appropriate barriers
      • include layers of several physical barriers
      • employ physical entry controls
      • protect against damage from natural and man-made disaster
      • include controls for personnel working in secure areas

      In order to prevent loss, damage or compromise of assets, Equipment should:

      • be physically protected from security and environmental threats
      • be sited to minimize access
      • be positioned to reduce the risk of overlooking
      • be categorized where special protection is needed
      • be provided protection in industrial (dirty) environments
      • be protected from power anomalies
      • be appropriately maintained to ensure integrity and availability
      • be disposed of according to practices with data protection in mind

      Information and information processing facilities should include general polices such as:

      • Clear Desk Policy
      • Clear Screen Policy
      • appropriate locked storage
      • control over removal of equipment, software or information

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