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British Standard 7799 Personell Security

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Security Information
Security Criteria

BS 7799

Security Policy
Security Organization
Assets Control
Personnel Security
Physical Security
Computer, Network
Access Control
Development Controls
Continuity Planning
Compliance, Auditing
  • To reduce risks of human error, theft, fraud or misuse of facilities
  • To ensure that users are aware of information security threats and concerns, and are equipped to support the corporate security policy in the course of their normal work
  • To minimize the damage from security incidents and malfunctions and learn from such incidents
    • Personnel Security requirements should:

      • be addressed at the recruiting stage
      • be included in contracts
      • be monitored during employment
      • be documented in job responsibilities
      • include verification checks at the time of job application and repeated on promotion, and/or job change
      • include confidentiality agreements which are reviewed periodically
      • be included in terms of employment
      • include the employees rights as well

      User training in support of organizational policy should:

      • ensure that users are aware of information security threats and are equipped to deal with them
      • include appropriate training and regular updates

      Security incident reporting procedures should:

      • be reported appropriately and quickly
      • include user requirements to note and report observed or suspected threats
      • include procedures for reporting software or system malfunctions
      • include mechanisms for malfunctions to be monitored, quantified and analyzed
      • include a disciplinary process which ensures correct and fair treatment of employees

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