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British Standard 7799 Compliance and Auditing

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Security Information
Security Criteria

BS 7799

Security Policy
Security Organization
Assets Control
Personnel Security
Physical Security
Computer, Network
Access Control
Development Controls
Continuity Planning
Compliance, Auditing
  • To avoid breaches of any criminal or civil law, statutory, regulatory or contractual obligations and of any security requirements
  • To ensure compliance of systems with organizational security policies and standards
  • \
  • To maximize the effectiveness of and to minimize interference to/from the system audit process
    • Compliance with Legal requirements includes the following:

      • identification of applicable legislation
      • intellectual property rights
      • copywrite
      • software copywrite
      • safeguarding of organizational records
      • data protection and privacy of personal information
      • prevention of misuse of information processing facilities
      • regulation of cryptographic controls
      • collection of evidence including admissibility, rules of evidence, and quality and completeness
      • review of security policy and technical compliance

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